We provide professional development programs, workshops, coaching, resources, and curriculum for schools.  We provide services to support and empower school leaders and teachers to educate generations of children preparing them to excel in life. We develop customized coaching for each school. Our services are designed to address the individual school’s needs through a customized personal & professional development & success coaching experience that targets the learning needs of teachers & students to accelerate student achievement.  We train and empower school leaders & teachers with personal and professional strategies necessary to maximize the students’ learning and transform schools. 

Our world-class educational consultants are trained in highly effective coaching practices taken from the personal development world of master teacher and strategist himself, Tony Robbins as well as other effective tools and habits from Steven Covey, Dale Carnegie, Dr. Brene Brown, John C. Maxwell, and others. Our team of highly skilled empowerment consultants have at least 10 years of experience serving in roles just like yours, principals, superintendents, assistant principals, district-level supervisors, and teachers.  We have an in depth understanding of how to bring about empowering transformations in schools! We have specialists in all areas including literacy, mathematics, leadership, anti-racism training, school innovation, special education, ESL, and community building. 

We customize each professional development experience by combining exciting and innovative immersion professional development workshops, with job-embedded coaching, virtual coaching and online courses, book studies, demo lessons, with research-based practices and highly effective pedagogy from Charlette Danielson, Robert Marzano, and the top education experts in the field. 

We also offer a unique feedback and assessment tool for school leaders to get real time data on the effectiveness of the professional development coaching and improvements in teacher practices. This tailored and innovative feedback and data system is only offered by us.