What are leaders, teachers, students, and parents saying about us?

Christina is truly amazing! Not only did she help me transform my classroom practices and empower my students, she did so with compassion. She is truly a gem!
— Lilia Arfinengo, teacher, lawyer, and professor.
What Christina does to transform schools is unmatched! She is truly an innovator, problem-solver, and champion for students! Her expertise, huge heart, and brilliant mind is what is needed in schools today! She understands transformation, and gets results quickly!
— Roberto Frugone, consultant and advocate for Latino rights.
Ms. Wallace not only changed my life as my history teacher, she is continuing to impact me daily as my mentor and life coach! I am truly grateful for all of her leadership and support. Every school system needs a Ms. Wallace!
— Mikaya White, student, mom, and business owner
Christina’s approach to transforming and empowering teachers is unmatched. She has been a catalyst for massive change and student progress in our school. She also has a profound impact on our personal growth and how we manage our jobs as teachers. She helps us find balance and coaches us on all areas of life so we are more energized for our students. She is a leader of change!
— Kiesha Kemp, Assistant Principal
There is no one in education like Chris. She is truly one of a kind. Always reinventing herself and empowering others along the journey. She was the best teacher I had in high school, continued as my mentor and coach in college and my first teaching job and is now leading the way for true transformation in education. If you want real lasting transformation in your schools, then hire her today!
— Ryan Silver, leader in New York City schools